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By Farah Yaktine

Fashion Week’s understated uniforms

The general opinion states that there are no compulsory uniforms, no imposed costumes and no dress codes whatsoever during Fashion Weeks. That being said, there is no such thing as a predisposed set of rules for dressing whether it is Fashion Week in Milan, London, Paris, New York, or even the newcomer city of Copenhagen.  Well, except maybe for one rule, that golden rule to which all fashionistas, bloggers, trend-setters or anyone trying to be featured on the fashion-week street-style section of any magazine, blog or newspaper would abide by. 

Its the rule that states that you have to be as extravagant, bold and unique as you can be with your outfits in order to attract the paparazzis attention and therefore their lenses. This means superposing all colours whether they match or not, juxtaposing patterns and fabrics, until you come out with a hard to miss or if you really outdid yourself an impossible to miss look. 


Lets admit it; people nowadays tend to wear the craziest and flashiest outfit combinations to be showcased on some fashion forum on Fashion Week. Fashion Week has earned itself the reputation of the one week during which you can go bananas and wear what you would have never dared to ware, during which you can show off your own personal style without having to justify yourself to anyone, or answer to any sort of criteria. We are therefore under the impression that Fashion Week is the week of freedom where personal style is celebrated and gloated. But is it really?

Even when fashionistas are going crazy with the garments, are they truly operating under complete freedom and a zero uniform window?

If we look closely, there is a striking resemblance amongst all looks in each Fashion Week city, a sort of understated uniform, dress code or costume, if you will.


London Fashion Week:


The city of all that is cool, eccentric and unpredictable. The fashion crowd attending London Fashion Week tends to be fearless with their outfit combinations. London Fashion Week is known for its mixing and matching talents, not so aleatory as you might think. It takes a great deal of effort, know-how, taste and guts to be able to pull off such unexpected combinations of colors, patterns and fabrics and come out looking like a real fashion guru. The London Fashion Week crowd have a distinct talent for layering, with incredible styling ideas and creativity leaving us in awe.


Paris Fashion Week:


Two words: Parisian chic. 


Paris Fashion Week is all about the understated, the modest, and the reserved. Unlike the risk-taking Londoners, Parisians do not make room for edginess nor for exploration. They stick to one look and dont reinvent it. For them fashion is not about replaceable and seasonal trends. Itsabout an everlasting staple look. The key is to know what suits your silhouette and not deviate from it. Parisian women are subtly fashionable, and therefore always tend to look effortlessly chic because of that lack of edginess. They are renowned for their je ne sais quoistyle, and it all stems from taking two steps back in the exploration domain and sticking to basics. 


New York Fashion Week:


 New York Fashion Week Fashionistas are the stars of all Fashion Weeks. They take it one notch further than the London fashion crowd with their almost unwearable styles. New Fashion Week front row-ers often eclipse the shows with their eccentric and unimaginable combinations. New York is a city that goes over 200 miles an hour, and so do the outfits, especially during Fashion Week. Its also a melting pot,  which is clearly reflected in the fashion with the diversity and vibrant energy of the outfits. New York Fashion Week is all about owning up to whatever culture you are from or believe in, and dare to wear what you want, anything and everything. 


Milan Fashion Week: 


Milan didnt earn itself its flamboyant and grandiose reputation in the fashion sphere by sticking to neutral and on the down-low styles. After all, it is the home of the boldest brands such as D-Squared, Dolce & Gabbana, Versace, Fendi and Gucci. So it is only natural that Italians dress accordingly for Fashion Week. 


Copenhagen Fashion Week: 


There is a new player in the Fashion Week game that made quite the buzz this year. Yes, you probably guessed it: Its the city of Copenhagen which dominated fashion week with its palpable theme. Rain Which accounted for most of the days or shine, Copenhagen fashionistas really outdid themselves with their utterly stylish outfits. Coats, preferable long, and checks and tartans were a huge hit on the streets making us wonder whether all these bloggers got the same dress code memo. 

So there you have it, the unofficial uniform for each city with its own set of styling rules for you to do Fashion Week like it should be done. Save the memo for the upcoming seasons!


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