A new version of PeepThat is on the way!

By Farah Yaktine

Music has never sounded so couture!

The prominent French fashion house CHANEL has joined forces with Apple Music, releasing what is considered to be the most fashionable and dreamiest playlist of our modern days. The playlist, curated by the French House’s sound designer Michel Gaubert, includes an array of songs that have been played during CHANEL’s most iconic shows.


CHANEL has always been renowned for putting on a sumptuous show. If you were ever lucky to be invited to one of Karl Lagerfeld’s awing spectacles, you should know that music and fashion undoubtedly go hand in hand under the legendary designer’s label, complementing each other like no two other do.


And today, Karl Lagerfeld has shared with us all a small piece of the CHANEL dream, by making his whimsical show tunes accessible to us.  Now thanks to this game-changing partnership, we can all add more colors to our “double C” dreams and draw a clearer picture of the label’s enchanting shows.


The playlists are now available on Apple Music, with some of the playlists being curated by a few “Friends of the House”, including renowned artist Pharrell Williams, House ambassador Caroline de Maigret, French musician Sébastien Tellier and the duo Ibeyi.



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