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By Farah Yaktine

Shells, shells, and more shells!

Shells is the one trend you should watch out for in this Summer 2018 season. Yes, shells for Summer – ground-breaking right! I might go as far as to state that the trend is almost as original as the florals trend for Spring! But if this trend is both so obvious and evident, how come it is only hitting the runways this season?


Well, we can play guess why and let’s figure out the reasons for the aforementioned all we want, but I’ll just be derailing off the main issue here – the one that starts with the letter “S” and that ends with the same letter too – it’s Shells by the way, in case you have not guessed it.


So how are we nailing that Shells trend this summer you ask?


Accessories make the outfits - and this is one undeniable fashion truth that you are all familiar with. This Summer, it is not just any accessories that are going to make your outfit, but it is accessories fetched and inspired from deep down in the sea. Think seashells, starfish, “Little Mermaid” characters turned into still frills and arm-candy fixtures, and all other sea creatures you can get your hands on!


For all you trendsetters, fashion enthusiasts and innovators, it is time for you to hop on the seashell bandwagon.


And what better way to let the cold and harsh Winter season pass than to prepare your Summer staple accessories ahead. I have compiled in this article some Summer 18 accessories inspiration that will guarantee you a spot on that trendy shellfish bandwagon, and that will make you fantasize of the warm Summer days to come, and forget about those layers you are piling up currently. Now that’s what I call a good “passe-temps!”


A-list celebrities and fashion influencers such as the likes of Alexa Chung and Leandra Medine – also dubbed as the founder of the popular Man Repeller blog – have already claimed their spots on the Summer 2018 seashell bandwagon.  They have been spotted wearing all sorts of shell necklaces and bracelets. One of the most coveted brands that is all about what is under the sea now is called Tohum, spotted on Leandra’s wrists more than once – and it is not even Summer yet! Wait till Summer is here and then you will really see all your social media platforms explode with shells!


What you used to once associate with tacky, cheap, juvenile and childhood-inspired plastic shell accessories has been rehabilitated this Summer. And boy has it! This key is to focus on shells that are more! And by more I mean anything made of heavy stones, natural materials, gold plated, silver, pearls, corals, and beautiful – looking and not just a plastic piece of sea shell necklace.  


Here is a list of some brands that are creating beautiful shell accessories and sea-inspired pieces:

  1. Dolce & Gabbanna
  2.  Zimmerman
  3. Roksanda
  4. Tohum
  5. Ryan Storer
  6. Chan Luu
  7. Rebecca De Ravenel
  8. Paula Hermanny


The shell trend exploded on some of these famous brands’ runaways that you might have recognized such as the likes of Dolce & Gabbanna, Roksanda and Zimmerman during the Fashion Weeks just now. It didn’t take too long before celebrities and trend-setters adopted it. Get your hands on these sought-after shell accessories before they start selling out everywhere! Words of wisdom to you dear readers, you’ll thank me later, from beneath the sea.


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