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By Farah Yaktine

The Pantone colour of the year 2018 is Ultra-violet

The future has a new colour, and it is Ultra-violet!

Pantone has disclosed its 2018 Colour of the Year: Ultra Violet 18-3838 to be extra specific. 

Ultra-Violet this year comes with an entirely new twist, claim Pantone experts. This year, Ultra-Violet will resonate with the future, with creativity, with innovation, with vision and with complexity.

Traditionally associated with all that is related to the cosmos, the universe, the unknown, the enigmatic, the mystical, the space and the skies, Ultra-Violet is today making its way in all industry sectors and product areas. This innovative purple shade is proving to be a shade of limitless possibilities with an unprecedented and appealing versatility. 

Here are a few examples of how the Ultra-Violet colour has penetrated your everyday life and all aspects of it.


The deep, inscrutable and perplexing shade of purple has been and is still increasingly being used in all areas related to spirituality, meditation and mindfulness practices. This captivating purple inspires flowing energy with its deep shades and colour properties and encourages connection too. Take the Amethyst for instance, the stone long sought after in the wellness movement, because of its metaphysical abilities to tranquil the intellect and stimulate and heightened meditative state. And what is the colour of this prominent healing stone? Purple. Coincidence? I think not.


This shade of purple has also made its way on the most famous and respected fashion runways with the worldwide renowned brands such as the likes of Versace, Miu Miu, Gucci, Marni and Balenciaga, just to name a few.

The trend has also almost immediately after dominating the fashion shows moved to street styles with an increasing amount of fashion influencers and recognized trend-setters adopting it.

Think deep metallic shades mixing polar-opposite colours blue and red, and sumptuous violet hues, whether in accessories or garments, this is the sphere in which tastefully operates the Ultra Violet 18-3838.


 Ultra Violet in cosmetics insinuates non-conformity, originality and creativity of expression. A daring and bold colour, this shade of purple is enchanting especially when used as an eye shadow, lipstick or even on your nails.

A Holographic trend within the cosmetic industry is making its way already and populating the beauty racks, and the ultra-violet colour is at the centre of it. From shimmery eye-shadows with purple hues, to holographic lip glosses, this Spring, beauty trends are preaching all that is visionary, playful and imaginative.


 So long Millennial Pink, make way for the Ultra Violet that is dominating the interiors now! This shade of purple adds instant modernity and brightness by spicing up a room in your house. Whether it is a purple couch, a lamp, an installation or a painting, the 2018 colour is guaranteed to add dynamism to your home. 

The Pantone Colour Institute has for years influenced product development and all sorts of sectors, from fashion, to arts, to design, to beauty and cosmetics. It has tapped into every other area of our lives that you can think of. 


For you curious ones with insatiable knowledge thirst, this is a link that will take you to the list of the past years' Pantone Colours, in case you were wondering what they were:




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