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By Jenny

Wearing Triple Velvet

Put down the toilet roll, we’re talking velvet, suede, denim and leather - aka the trickiest fabrics to mix-and-match.


Wearing one ballsy texture is no longer enough. To truly gain admiring glances from the fickle world of fashion, you’ve got to go hard. Embrace the art of fashion-squared with double denim, suede on suede, silky co-ords and all the velvet.


But how best to approach this textural minefield? It’s slightly different for each material, but the most important things is to trust your instincts and ignore all advice (including this article). Some people feel comfortable in head-to-toe clashing fake-fur, others prefer subtly different tones of indigo denim. It’s your prerogative.


Double Denim is the classic combo, immortalised on Justin and Britney as a no-no but resurrected with a bang in recent years. Denim is one of the easiest lairy fabrics to double up on, because it has an innate air of casualness. Double denim rarely feels try-hard, and is pretty much a universally accepted look. You can match your denim tones or mix-up light and dark washes - the world’s your denim oyster on this one. Beware: denim cowboy hats are for the seasoned double denim-er only.


Velvet is one of those to exercise caution with at first. It’s easy to look like a replica of the (admittedly fabulous) velvet dress and headband you wore to all birthday parties between the ages of 3 and 5. Go for grown-up velvet with a plush suit or matching co-ord separates. Your future self will thank you for it.


Suede is a fairly underrated material, probably because of the risk it runs of looking like you’re culturally appropriating Pocahontas. But a suede trench + dress, dress + boots, trench + boots, or all of the above can be chic in a seventies it-girl kinda way.


Silk is having a little moment, with the rise of kimono-inspired dresses and embroidered jackets. Silk squared can be a bit seven-year-old-bridesmaid, but if you pair with a sleek makeup look or toughen with some leather add-ons you’ll be A-OK. Once you’ve got that mastered, you can graduate on to triple taffeta, Molly Goddard-style.


Leather (or veggie equivalents) has the benefit of being innately cool. All you need when wearing leather trews, boots AND a biker jacket is to summon the spirit of sixties legend Francoise Hardy and stride with confidence.


Fashion darling Shrimps has made dressing like a fabulous muppet completely acceptable, so the only rule with faux fur is to accept that strangers will want to stroke you. Animal print, neon colours, OTT patterns - it’s all good.


Of course, as with all fashion the most important thing is confidence. When the curtains match the carpet (outerwear style), you’ve got to have the panash to enjoy the stares and accept compliments and heckles with the same joyous smile. Yes, you look like a rhinestone cowboy/rainbow muppet/explosion at the silk nightie factory. But you’re blood well working it.


Peep our gallery for some inspiration.

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